Grant Funding

Grant funding from United Way takes place annually.  In order to be eligible for Partner or Affiliate funding (description below) for the upcoming grant cycle; namely, July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, you must attend one of the mandatory meetings in December 2013 (for new applicants) or January 2014 (for current partners or affiliates) prior to completing an application. Meeting participants will be given the opportunity to register online in order to proceed with the online application process (paper applications are no longer being accepted). Letter of Intent and Applications for each Priority Area are listed below for information purposes only.  If  you have any further questions, please contact Heidi Norwick at or 336-438-2000.

 The granting process for the 2014-2015 year has passed. Information regarding granting for future opportunities will be available January 2015.

2014-15 Grant Funding Process and Timeline  for all dates, times and deadlines.

Grant Log-In (for returning users applicants must attend training meeting to gain access...see timeline above for training dates)  


2014-15 Letter of Intent

2014-15 Affiliate Application

2014-15 Partner Application - Health

2014-15 Partner Application - Education

2014-15 Partner Application - Income

Memorandum of Understanding

Proposed Program Budget

Program Budget - Actual

Program Actual - Year End 2013-14

Anti-Terrorism Form

Allocation Appeals Policy

Emergency Funding Policy 

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Community Partners are 501(c)3 agencies who receive funds through the allocations process.  They must meet a Priority Need, complete a full application and budget forms and make a presentation to the Priority Teams. Minimum request is $5,000. Community Partners are then awarded an allocation approved by the Board of Directors.  They must adhere to all reporting requirements and sign a Partner AgreementPartner Agreement.   Community partners are not subject to processing or fundraising fees for funds that are donor designated.  Designation amounts are included in the agency’s monthly allocations check.


Affiliates  are 501(c)3 agencies who apply for funding but receive designations only.  They must meet a Priority Need, complete an abbreviated application and be reviewed by the Community Impact Committee. Final approval for inclusion in this class through this procedure must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Affiliate Partners are not subject to outcome reporting or other reporting requirements.  Affiliate Partners are only subject to the fundraising overhead percentage for funds that are donor designated.  Designation amounts for affiliate partners are paid as received on a quarterly basis.


Unaffiliated Agencies are agencies that do not apply for  funding but receive designations through the United Way. Unaffiliated agencies are subject to the full overhead percentage for management and general and fundraising. Designation amounts for unaffiliated agencies are paid as received on a quarterly basis.