Results You Can See

Know what's needed in your Community
Your monies should be invested in programs that are targeted to create solutions for the highest priority issues. Issues and underlying root problems in our county shift and change over time and therefore the focus of your investment should change to reflect the current reality within Alamance County.

United Way of Alamance County knows what's needed in Alamance County by:


Know what your investment delivers
Your monies should be invested in programs that are outcome driven. That means that the program has measurable results, leverages other resources in the county, is fiscally responsible, and able to get high quality results efficiently.
United Way of Alamance County knows if programs deliver as promised by:
  • Choosing experienced, efficient partner agencies to run programs
  • Translating outcomes to community solutions



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For over 60 years, the United Way of Alamance County has been contributing to the strength of this community. As our community grows and changes, United Way is keeping pace. In this complex and dynamic environment, we seek not only to support vital frontline programs and services, but also to develop and support broader community solutions by working in partnership with the business community, city and county governments, and local nonprofits.