Running a Campaign


Let me start by thanking you for volunteering to be the coordinator of your company’s United Way campaign.  For many of you, this is something you have done for several years.  For others, this is your first time.  Either way, I know you want to be successful.

What you are doing is critically important to our community.   A successful campaign positively impacts the quality of life of literally thousands of your fellow residents.  A successful campaign reflects well on the community.  You should know that many companies that look at Alamance County as a place to relocate, ask whether we meet our annual campaign goal.  They consider this to be a significant indicator of the commitment we have to our community.

My commitment to you is to make your service as a coordinator fun as well as productive.  I encourage you to attend the scheduled coordinator training sessions.  For first timers, you can learn from the pros.  For you pros, you can always learn something from each other and encourage those new to the process. 

This year I am focused on making the United Way appeal more personal.  We will provide you with some individuals’ experiences on how the United Way, through its supported agencies, impacted their lives. We will provide you with successful strategies that others have used to maximize participation.  We will provide you with speakers to come to your campaign kick offs to help you communicate the message of this year’s campaign.  And as always, we will provide you with the highest level of support via the hard working and knowledgeable staff at the United Way office.


Campaign Resources
Through your generous donations, hundreds of Alamance County lives continue to be changed! This section gives you the tools you need to educate your co-workers, encourage donations, discuss United Way's stringent Community Assessment and accountability process, and communicate the results of community investments.

Download Center
Below is a list of campaign supplies and other tools to help you out during the campaign.