Success Stories and Videos

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Butch's Story

Since 2007, United Way has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a deserving resident.  In October 2010, over 200 volunteers came out to build Butch Coble a brand new house.

Jenn's Story

A sudden financial hardship can happen to anyone, even someone with a college degree.  Click the play button to check out how Jenn got back on her feet.

Robin and Ellen's Story

"We have been married for over twenty years, and are devoted to each other’s needs and concerns.  Prior to our engagement we both readily admit that most days consisted of confinement to our apartment, where all we did was sleep, watch television, and had no motivation to prepare nutritional meals.  We praise the opportunities now available to us through adult day services, nutrition-driven food programs and transportation assistance.  I don’t know where we would be without it.  We now have a reason to look forward to the day. We love the socialization, and enjoy the activities and field trips made possible with Friendship Adult Day Services.  We appreciate it so much.  United Way services mean everything to us!  We now have the opportunity to be with other people and to be a part of things.”  Thank you, thank you, United Way for improving the quality of life for us and many others."

LaKetra's Story

"I am the mother of a beautiful daughter name "Sareniti". Being a single mother has its challenges and I have had my share, but at the end of the day I always want to make sure that I can give Sareniti what she needs in life. On that list of what she needs is a good education. I wasn't sure how I was going to supply that for her but I knew that I had to find a way. As a result of attending a "Youth Day" at the city park where we live, I received a flyer from Alamance Partnership for Children about different resources to help jump-start early learning.  The programs were free and the times and locations were convenient.  We signed up for the Dolly Pardon Imagination Library, where Sareniti receives a new book every month, free of charge, until she is five years old.   Sareniti gets so excited to see a new book! Next, I was contacted by an instructor from one of the programs called "Parents As Teachers" (P.A.T.) where she visits my home bi-weekly and helps establish different tools I can use to help Sareniti learn, promote advance learning skills, and provide me with handouts about what to expect in the coming months (development). I am very grateful for these programs.  Without these programs that United Way helps to fund, I would still be lost on how I would be able to give her that head start.  Thanks United Way!"

Clara's Story

Clara Hatfield had been sold an insurance policy that had no prescription drug coverage.  Because the name had RX in the title, she assumed that she had prescription coverage.  She was paying full price, which was around $700.00 per month.  She had to get an Aunt to help her pay for her medications and was also going without some of her medications.  Clara has to be on 14 prescription drugs.  Our SHIIP counselor, Carol Canovai, was able to get her signed up for a plan that will considerably lower her costs.

“I've been struggling since 1997 when I became disabled because of one heath problem or another.  It seemed like everything was going wrong.  I was also dealing with a disabled husband that refused to give in, but was slowly giving out.  After his passing in 2008 I was really struggling, but through faith and prayers I was doing my best paying full price for prescriptions drugs, until I heard about the SHIIP Program at the Kernodle Senior Center.  I was receiving assistance through a Medicare Advantage Plan from an insurance agent that signed many of the senior citizens up for without knowledge of no RX assistance.  Thanks to God for the representative that set down with me and explained my options thought the SHIIP program for paying a small out of pocket. Big Thanks to SHIIP and United Way for funding this program!”