Tocqueville Society

A Long History of Standing Together, Standing Tall
For the past 18 years, members of the Tocqueville Society of United Way of Alamance County have worked to advance the common good for the people of our community.

Tocqueville Society members have collectively contributed more than $2 million in just the last five years. These gifts helped individuals and families form the building blocks of a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health.

Why Give to the United Way at the Tocqueville Level
Tocqueville Society members are presented with many opportunities to serve their community, so why do they choose the United Way?

They do it because Tocqueville Society members and the United Way have something very important in common. Each has high standards, and is fiercely committed to making the best use of valuable resources.

Tocqueville Society members know that United Way of Alamance County is the community's premiere charitable organization. United Way's volunteer-led, community and program assessments assure the wisest investment of donor dollars. The result is diverse community programs that are monitored, measured and documented, making United Way the most efficient and effective choice for your philanthropic investment.

How to Give
By giving $10,000 or more annually, you join these visionaries who commit their gifts, time and talent to address our community's most critical needs.  Contributions may be made via check, credit card, through your foundation, or gifts of stock.

Your gift matters.
Become a member today. For information on how to join with others who are positively impacting the education, income and health of people in Alamance County, contact Barrett Thompson.

2014 Tocqueville Society Members

Lawson and Luann Brown

Bob and Ami Hill

Jim and Anne Powell

Madison and Amy Clark

Bob and Kathy Hykes

Fairfax and Ann Reynolds

Jason and Alicia Copland

Jay and Karen Johnson


Alan and Connie Crouch

David and Jeanete Kowalski

David and Janie Sellers

Jim and Janie Crouch

Jack and Dot Lindley

Bill Smith

Reid and Cathy Dusenberry

Dub and Ann Love

Brad and Shawn Smith

Dick and Linda Fisher

Ben and Suzie Lowe

Tom and Kim Steele

Wade and Ellen Harrison

Sam and Carole Moore

Doug Williams

Clay and Nancy Hemric

Bill and Lyn Moser

Russell and Rosella Wilson

J.D. and Cindi Henderson

Alan and Lisa Norton

2 Members Wish to Remain Anonymous