Nonprofit Policy Update - May 14, 2021

United Way of Alamance County 

Note: The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits typically provides Nonprofit Policy Update each week as a benefit to its nonprofit members. However, to help all North Carolina nonprofits respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're temporarily providing this newsletter to non-member nonprofits.

In this issue...

NC House unanimously approves bill to improve charitable solicitation laws

NC Senate approves donor privacy bill 

NC General Assembly passes hundreds of bills prior to crossover deadline

U.S. Treasury Department issues guidance on use of ARP funds by state and local governments
What type of COVID recovery fund would help your nonprofit?

General Assembly gets late start on state budget

Ask your members of Congress to support WORK NOW Act

NC House proposal would create retirement benefit program for some nonprofit employees

New NC House bills would create grant programs that could help people served by nonprofits

NC House bill would increase state tax benefits for charitable contributions in 2021

NC House approves bill that could prevent schools from contracting with nonprofits on race equity work

Do you want to speak with lawmakers about policy issues that affect your nonprofit?

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