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Community Council began in 1939 to coordinate all community services such as welfare, health, education and civic clubs. Community Council is made up of Alamance County volunteers and professionals in the nonprofit sector, social services, recreation, education, health, government, business, and representatives of civic and church organizations. Community Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Registration for the meetings is posted on our blog (subscribe below) and also on our Facebook page. 

Community Council works to:

  • Promote cooperation and community planning
  • Serve as information center 
  • Review community needs and resources
  • Develop public awareness of community problems and possible solutions
  • Initiate new services
  • Stimulate continuous improvement

We believe our community is stronger when everyone works together. Community Council unites various sectors to address critical needs, promote volunteerism, and connect resources. Our mission is to be a catalyst for active change that collectively creates a stronger, healthier, and compassionate community. We value diversity and promote inclusive respect among partners and members. Community Council strives to reflect the many cultures, races, backgrounds, and lifestyles that proudly make up Alamance County.

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