Intro to Taekwondo & Korean Culture

Town of Elon Recreation &  Parks

Online Program Wednesdays 6-7pm
April 28th – May 26th 
Program aims to introduce the community to Taekwondo and Korean culture through fun exercises and presentations. You will learn skills such as proper stretching, basic kicks, punches, blocks, conversational Korean, and more. All ages are welcome, exercises will be taught at the beginner level and movements can be modified if needed. You will just need an open space, come with an open mind and get ready to have fun!

Each session will consist of both physical exercise and education about Korea in the form of basic language skills, contemporary events, and fun facts. The exercises are designed to be doable by individuals of all ages and various sports backgrounds, and each class will begin with adequate stretching and warm-ups. Each class will introduce new information and new Taekwondo skills so you won't be building off of the curriculum from the previous week. There will also be time before and after each session for any questions.
Instructor: William Lee with Lee Brothers Academy

Click the link at the scheduled time to join.

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