Invitation to the Harwood Initiative's Unleashing Impact Lab

You are invited to the Harwood Initiative’s Unleashing Impact Lab on Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th from 8:30am-5pm at Impact Alamance! UILab Flyer

The Harwood Initiative is working to spur community transformation in Alamance County. The two primary goals of this initiative are to: (1) generate community-led transformation on concerns that matter to people; (2) strengthen the civic culture of Alamance County so the community can take effective, sustainable action. 

At the heart of this initiative is the belief that, by working together, the people of Alamance can build a more inclusive, hopeful path forward.  

At the Unleashing Impact Lab community members will learn how to take intentional actions to unleash, grow, and spread a chain reaction throughout Alamance County! 

If you are already involved in the initiative, we invite you to sign-up via Eventbrite here. 

If you are interested in the work, we invite you to attend the following orientation sessions before the lab. 

Orientation Part 1: Thursday, September 28th from 2-4pm at Impact Alamance. Please register via Eventbrite here. 
Orientation Part 2: Tuesday, October 3rd from 10am-12:30pm at Impact Alamance. Lunch will be served at noon. Please register via Eventbrite here. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to Madi Gilgo at






Impact Alamance

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