Join Alamance County Racial Equity CoLab

The Alamance County Racial Equity Co-Lab is a 7-month cohort series sponsored by Impact Alamance aimed to develop leaders and professionals into inclusive leaders, with the hopes of empowering them with knowledge, tools, and skills to make equitable change in communities and workplaces.
ACRE Co-Lab 2022 is open to all:
•    City and county government employees
•    Nonprofit leaders, employees, and board members
•    Grassroots community organizers, Clergy, Educators 
Who is right for ACRE?
The ideal ACRE Co-lab cohort member is someone who: 
•    Has an interest in exploring DEI and social justice topics
•    Is willing to share their perspective openly and honestly 
•    Values relationships and wants to build connections  
•    Respects the thoughts and feelings of others 
•    Practices open-mindedness and empathetic  
•    Embraces learning and being challenged 
•    Commit to the entire process of this 7-month program

Apply Here:

ACRE Colab flyer

ACRE Testimonies

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