More in My Basket with Alamance County SNAP and WIC


NC Cooperative Extension's Alamance County Center is partnering with a few other local organizations to host a YouTube live session on Monday, April 12 all about food assitance in Alamance County. We are hoping to reach individuals and families who may be eligible for SNAP/FNS and/or WIC to share basic information about eligibility, how benefits can be used, programs specific to Alamance County and more. The presentation will include a panel of folks from Alamance County DSS and WIC, the Authentically Alamance Market Network, North Park's Mayco Bigelow Center, and the More in My Basket assistance program at NC State answering questions that people ask in the YouTube live chat . The program will be in both English and Spanish. You can access the live video on Monday at 12pm, or view the recording afterward, at this link:

For more inforamtion or questions about the program, please contact Eleanor Frederick at